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Why, despite the reviews, I still want a Nook

Due to Christmas wishlist mixups, I'm not due to receive my Nook until the early part of January. I have visited my nearby B&N to give it a test drive, and I admit that I found it to be workable, yet lackluster. It is not now a gamechanger, and regardless of firmware updates, may never be.

But I still want it over my 2nd choice of Kindle.

Disclaimer to Kindle owners: I am not claming the Nook to be better, now or in the future, than your Kindle. Choosing the Nook over the Kindle was a very difficult decision - and may in the end prove right or wrong... FOR ME.

I believe the financial investment and backing of the Nook make it essential that it not fail. For that reason I believe B&N will do everythign it can to make Nook "right". My opinion is that the delays were due to the software, and B&N, being new to the software development game, fell into the common trap of not realizing how tough those last bugs are to quash.

My ereader wishlist:
I want an ereader with WiFi.
I want an ereader with replacable battery.
I want an ereader with an open OS.
I want an ereader without a keyboard increasing it's size.
I want an ereader that reads epub and pdf.

The Nook offers all of this, in an as-yet unpolished implementation. Think back to the original iRex, Sony, or Kindle releases and compare them to the functionality of those same devices today following the inevitable firmware updates. Almost light and day.

I expect the same from the Nook, and am willing to bet $50 that I'm right. Why do I say $50, not $250? Because even B&N does nothing to improve the Nook, I'll still be able to find a buyer on eBay.

My $50 is gambling that:
B&N is going to address the current speed and UI problems.
Independant programmers are going to allow me to use WiFi to surf the net and access my home computer.
Independant programmers are going to give me meat and candy that I can't yet predict, software that will make my Nook as invaluable to me as my Smartphone -- perhaps even taking it's place (short of the phone's nifty ability to place phone calls.)

Yeah, I had hoped to be wowed. I wasn't. But I have not yet given up hope.
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