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Thumbs up pielrf 1.7 nice stuff

Originally Posted by EatingPie
New version pielrf 1.7.

This is a major optimization update!

See the first post to download.
- Table of Content Menu Loads Instantly! No Waiting!!
- LRF Files are much smaller.
The Reader TOC Menu now loads instantly, and I mean... INSTANTLY! The fastest TOC previously was about 5 seconds, and now even my worse book (originally about 40 seconds!) loads right when you hit the TOC Menu (Button 5).

As an added benefit, the LRFs are about half the size as previous versions produced.

Oh, dear. I like it, I do.

baselineskip=120 is beautiful....

It did cough up and error on one of my files. I guess there was a quote at either the very end of a line, or the very begining of one, and the index-1 (or +1) wasn't valid. I made this little change and all was well:
--- pielrf      2007-05-15 00:36:01.000000000 -0230
+++ /usr/bin/pielrf     2007-05-15 17:11:38.000000000 -0230
@@ -632,7 +632,7 @@ def convert_curly_quotes(line):
                                # just an apostrophe
                                index = line.find("'",i+1)
-                               if index > -1 :
+                               if (index > 0) and (index < (len(line) - 1)): 
                                        if line[index-1].isalnum() and line[index+1].isspace() :
                                                do_open = True
                                        else :
I'm not really sure where to post bugs for this prog?

Thanks much,
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