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Wow, I wasn't expecting that many useful replies. Thanks a lot.
About my first question, I don't anyone has really explained it to me. for the moment I'm not planning on buying many books so DRM is not really my concern yet. I was trying to see if either epub, mobi or lit had any advantages to the other. I see in gutenberg now you can download their books in those 3 formats, and even with pictures? will these work on the devices? or are they jsut meant for the computer?

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OCR and conversion to ePub / mobi. Or a large screen reader (ie >=8". )
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About your pfs: why do you think they couldn't be reflowed? Any text based pdf can be reflowed I think, even if not optimally. If your pdfs are not text but images, I would advise to use an ocr software to turn them into text. Smaller file size and more flexibility.
Cool, any programs I could use? never heard you could do that.

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And about the refresh rate: Two reasons it's a bit slow. The fists is e-ink limitations, nothing you can do about that, and all e-ink devices have it. The second is processor power. From the three readers I've had I find sony prs-600 is much faster, because it has less lag between the click of the button and the actual start of "page turning". I don't find the actual refresh of the e-ink screen such a waste of time, it really doesn't take much longer than turning a paper page. It's just that we get impatient with electronic devices, expecting everything to be done in a flash
Yeah, I know eInk is not very fast, it's just that in some video reviews I've seen that "lag" that you mention, so a faster processor would do the trick here then?

Thanks for your insightful post. I'm going to have a look at the devices you mentioned. Like i said, I'm not planning on buying many books yet, so I'm not too strict on the DRM thing
Are you talking about the nook review on youtube? I know, that guy is useless... he thinks he's reviewing an ipod competitor... but some of the things he touched kind of put me off for the nook... When are you getting yours? if you get it before I decide on which one to buy, I'd really appreciate your feedback.
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