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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
What you're paying Adobe for isn't really the renderer - it's the DRM system and use of their DRM servers. The ePub rendering isn't really the issue - it's basically just HTML, and not hard to render.

Unfortunately, if Amazon were to adopt ePub, but not not use Adobe's DRM system we really wouldn't be any better off - we'd still have an incompatible format. One of the problems with ePub is that DRM isn't part of the defined standard; anybody can bolt their own DRM system on to ePub and still call the result "ePub", even if no other software than their own can read it.
Well maybe not so much the rendering on screen but the formatting for the renderer is done by it from what I have read. I think Amazon might be able to manage a deal with Adobe for the drm but I don't think it would do them as much good but was not Amazon saying they were planing to expand ebook sales to other devices? At the time I was thinking they meant other ebook readers not just iPhone.
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