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Smile Help in choosing my first reader

Hey guys, first post here, I just found this forum a couple of days ago and I have to thank for the great info.
However, I'm still undecided. I've read the comparisons, similar posts and watched video reviews...
My ideal scenario would be a store where you could compare them side to side... I know I'm dreaming... so if you guys could help me a little I'd greatly appreciate it.

- First off, my plan is mainly to read books from my own collection and free sites (gutenberg, feedbooks, etc), and I noticed there are three main ebook formats: epub, mobi and pdf (and lit in some cases). Apart from pdf, are there any real differences between the other three? I mean, regardless of the reader, is any of these better than the next one? This question would help me a lot since many readers support just one of these formats.

- Next, price, around $300 preferably. No need for extra functions or apps (sudoku, browser, video or music player) I have an Ipod Touch for these things. An imbedded dictionary would be essential though.

- Touch or not touch screen? As an avid ipod touch user, my first instinct is to get a touch screen device... but I heard they are not very good for prolonged reading... is that true?

- Refresh rate, I don't know if there is much difference between devices but the faster it jumps pages the better. I get a bit annoyed when things go slower that I expect them to go.

- Lastly, I see 4,8,16 grayscale... the more the better? does it really make a difference? If so, why are they still selling lower ones?

My original plan was to buy a Sony 600 but I've read the issue people have with the screen and then I decided for the nook but I can't seem to find much information on it yet.
Do any of the current devices would do the trick for me? or should I wait for the next generation and stick to reading in my ipod?
Any recommendations or if you could answer a couple of my questions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

PS: I forgot to mention that my collection has many self scanned PDF books which I think cannot be reflowed by the devices... any solution to this?

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