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At the risk of sounding like I want to completely shove any possible failings of the nook under the rug to avoid a "bad buzz".

Some of the reviews I read(Wired >.>) had a few facts incorrect, such as the wifi only working in BN stores myth.

A lot of the most negative reviews I have seen are done by publications that do not specialize in electronics, so I take them with a grain of salt, just like anything else printed by the New York Times...

I am not saying that we are seeing biased reviews, just that this is a multi-sided front. In general techie sites liked it the most, but at the same time it can be argued that they may not have thoroughly looked it over.

My big justification for owning it will be if the Gadgeteer likes it. She posted about unpacking it... still waiting for any kind of thumbs up/down.

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