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Yes they do love papers . I went to the bank yesterday and all I could see behind them was papers , papers and more papers !

The EBOOK reader is HERE !! YEYEYEYEYEYE. I am happy.

The best surprise was that I paid 278 RMB ONLY ($35) for importing and custom charges , HOW ? I don't know , cause the UPS guy was more shocked than me , he said this hasn't happened before. Normally things like these are charged $100+ .

SO I am quite happy .

Dude this device is so small ! . After an Irex Digital Reader and Sony Reader 6" , this seems like they mated and produced a small kid !My first impression was wtf ?

But after reading on the device for some time, I am quite happy with it . Eyes don't strain . And it's really really portable. I mean really it fits in my pocket.

Though one suggestion , which might raise the cost of your device are the touch sensitive button I am used to Irex , the button push(which I feel is a bit hard than it's supposed to be) , taxes me (imagine how spoilt I am )

But I really like the device. Shall post a review soon

I hope this helps my chinese comrades who had like to go through this.
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