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Originally Posted by kartu View Post
Doable - yes. But I wonder about the use case. 2 users sharing books?
Sure, that's one possibility, but I have a different use case. I would use it in combination with my mobile phone:

Step 1) download file to phone.
Step 2) insert phone micro-SD card into Sony with adapter.
Step 3) copy to main memory
Step 4) Put micro-SD back to phone, put big SD card into Sony
Step 5) Copy file from main memory to big SD card
Step 6) Delete from main memory

I do this all the time with my MP3 player with an SD slot, which has a copy function, would love to use the same workflow with my Sony reader. It's very useful for library management when I'm nowhere near a PC.

OK if I make one more tiny feature request? It would be nice if there was a menu command in advanced settings to toggle (delete/create) the .noscan file. Then if I have a card with 1000 files, I can choose whether to wait and scan them all, or turn off the scanning. Without having to find a PC when I'm travelling.

Thanks for listening.

EDIT: maybe an easier way is to integrate the file manager app from here which already support copy to/from cards. Then maybe don't have to reinvent the wheel?

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