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Moving Sony Reader ePubs over to the Nook

After a few hiccups, this is how I moved my Sony Reader purchased books (originally purchased as LRX format, now with the new Sony eBook store, they can be downloaded in protected ePub format) over to the Nook and got them to open.

(Note: I did this on a computer that didn't already have the Sony or Adobe software installed on it and didn't hook the Nook up until after ADE was installed, not sure if this makes a difference if you're having authorization problems, I suppose you could back up your existing libraries of books and uninstall/re-install Adobe Digital Editions).

1) Installed the new Sony Connect 3.1 software
2) Logged into my account in Sony Connect and went to the Account section.
3) Scroll down a bit and you'll see a link to re-download purchased books
4) Download your books, they should be in ePub format now, a couple of titles were not yet available for download, will try them again later. You can find them in this folder: My Documents/My Books/Reader Library
5) Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). DID NOT Authorize the computer after installing/running ADE for the first time.
6) Imported the books in the "Reader Library" folder above into ADE.
7) Checked to make sure I could open each book.
8) Plug in the Nook. It should show up in the left column of the ADE window.
9) Dragged the books from the main ADE library over to the Nook icon
10) Gracefully ejected the Nook via the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon down by the clock.
11) Updated the Nook's library via the "Check for new content" button.
12) The ePubs that ADE copied over should be showing up in your list, try opening one and it should just start working.

I think that's all the steps I went through, hope it works for you, good luck.

Table of Contents and links within the ePub do work on the Nook.

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