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3Qi promises LCD to rival e-ink

This sounds very promising. I want to see one in person though.

Since my gf indefinitely borrowed my PRS-505 (who would want to give one back after using it?) , I've been waiting to pick up a new reader for myself. I waited for the Nook but the Apple tablet has been at the top of my list. I was worried how it would fare as an e-reader though since it would have an LCD screen & I hate reading on LCD for long periods.

An Apple tablet with a screen like this however would seem indeed to be the be-all end-all device. Here's what I'm hoping for. An ebook mode that is as good as e-ink, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. through iTunes or wireless. Full color magazines with audio, video, weblinks and live content. HD video playback & all the features of an iPod. And of course the app store's content.

I suppose we'll find out next month. While Apple said they won't be at Macworld, I'd expect them to announce their new products at an event of their own. Traditionally January brings a refresh of their product lines with capacity bumps in iPod, iPhone and speed bumps to MacPros, Macbooks & iMacs. It would also be the most logical time to announce if the much rumored Febuary/March launch date is true.

So it looks like I'm back to waiting for a new e-reader. Oh well, at least I have Audible to keep me occupied...
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