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Day 2 Issues

I got my nook yesterday, charged it and started playing with it as soon as I figured out how to open the overly complicated package. I've read enough of the other posts to know to tolerate some sluggishness but this morning it was misbehaving badly.

I couldnít get into settings, it would just show a blank eink screen and eventually the lcd would dim without displaying anything related to the settings options. Shop didn't work, it displayed the last information I had searched for last night, search didn't work. I also noticed that the wireless signal icon wasn't there. As I started writing this post I attempted to turn it off and it didn't turn off so I pressed it again (holding it for a few seconds) and then it reset/rebooted itself.

Now that it rebooted, the wireless signal icon is back and I can get to settings so maybe it is back to "normal", though Iím anxious for a new "normal" in a firmware upgrade that takes care of some of these 1.0 problems.
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