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Originally Posted by GodDamN
Hi All...

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced issues with watermarks in PDF files. I loaded my Canon EOS 350D manual onto my reader the other day using connect. Viewable fine in connect but only the watermark is viewable on the reader itself...

Maybe a bug (possibly with me!)
Yes,I too see that behavior. When I put the Canon User Guide( S2 IS model) PDF files on my reader (no conversion) I ONLY get the COPY watermark, no user guide text.

Also after converting to LRF with RasterFarian, I only get the watermark (COPY) no text. Strangely I get the BOTH Canon S2 IS text/diagrams AND the word COPY across the page when I used PDFread to convert the PDF source to LRF .

I mentioned my RasterFarian problem this elsewhere on the forum and hope that someone will suggest a fix for use of RasterFarian. (If it isn't user error!)

Also, I find that using the reader's Zoom feature (on content that has been converted to LRF from PDF) to enlarge the text doesn't work well. When using M or L , part of the page is off the screen (no scroll bars!!<grin>). I'll have to learn how to best use the Rasterfarian options for sizing. Maybe the Landscape mode will turn out to be best for these tired tired old eyes.
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