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My point is simply that there are multiple eReader threads scattered everywhere and it is a valid format. Not only is the eReader supported on Palm, Blackberry, WinMobile, Symbian, and Android, but it supports Windows and Macs, and will now be supported by the Nook and the Foxit e-ink readers. It is the primary format for Fictionwise, Ereader, Barnes and Noble, and the new Foxit ebook store. It is a format supported by Calibre, OpenOffice, and a couple other text editors, it's well documented in the Wiki, and it contains features that ePub still lacks, such as proper footnote/sidebar support, dictionary look-up and indexing.

The eReader format is widespread, well-supported, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

What's frustrating is that there use to be an eReader sub-forum, but it was declared a dying format. No big deal, as technology can be unpredictable. But, I think it's time to realize that it was pulled prematurely and should be re-instated.

Mind you, this is a thoroughly biased view. It's my favorite format and most of my ebooks are in that format.

- Jim
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