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Originally Posted by itimpi View Post
What happens when you try to add the LRF files to the Calibre library? I do this all the time without problems.
It does nothing. It doesn't have the pop up that says that it's adding books, or anything.
This is what I am doing, so you can hopefully figure out what I'm doing wrong.
I press the add books icon and then it pops up the F drive which is where the html books and the lrf books are saved on the detachable drive. I go into the seach(I have Vista) part and just type in lrf to get all the lrf books in one place. Then I select all button and wait until it selects all of the lrf books and when it does that on the file where it's blank there's nothing that says that it has anything. If I do click on one of the lrf books and scroll down when I'm selecting them it will tell me the name of the books that I have selected, but I can't do that because there are too many books that are selected and it takes a really long time to scroll through all of them. I think I have like 5000 books saved on the detachable disk.
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