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Synchronize book reading progress between Blackberry & Nook?

I heave heard that one of the features of the Nook is to be able to read a book using the Nook, start the eReader software up on my Blackberry and pick up where I left off on the Nook, and then when I get back home go back to the Nook and pick up where I left off on the Blackberry. Is this really the case? Can a lucky Nook owner who has a Blackberry confirm?

I am a bit leery because of the limits of lending books between devices. Does it differentiate between two devices that belong to me and one device that belongs to me and one that belongs to someone else? Is it because I use the same account for both of my devices that this would work? Does it matter if I bought the book from the B&N store or if it is a DRM free book?

If this works then I am very likely to make the move from my Sony 505 (that I love) to the Nook. This feature would be so handy for me since I always have my Blackberry with me so could read a bit on the run and then pick it back up on the Nook for the best reading experience when I get home. This would be so great!

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