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My two cents...

If you care...

I went to BN today to check out the Nook. Mine should arrive tomorrow and I wanted to see it before I decided whether to keep the Nook or sell my Kindle 2. So here are my impressions...

All of the reports of it being slow are misleading. The page turns using the tactile side buttons seem just as quick as the Kindle's...maybe a tad slower but nothing too noticeable. Swiping to age turn on the bottom is noticeable slower though.

The Barnes and Noble store seems well done and a little more approachable than Amazon's from the device.

The bottoms screen is a little sluggish but nothing too bad. The menus are not very intuitive though and there is a learning curve there.

Aesthetically it doesn't seem/feel as nice as holding my Kindle 2. It has a cheaper plastic feel to it. And I am not a fan of the thin black bezel lining the screen. However, the page turn buttons seem better constructed than on my Kindle 2.

I don't know if it is the font or the coloring of the Nook, but I actually think in terms of readability, the Nook had a stronger contrast to the Kindle. I really liked what I saw in terms of readability of the display.

I am still pretty torn. I don't want to open the Nook if I am going to sell it. I have some soul searching to do before it arrives tomorrow...
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