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Originally Posted by desertgrandma View Post
Well, that doesn't sound like a promising start.

Is there a number he can call to speak with an agent?
Not sure. He has left the office, so I'll just leave that up to him. It took him 15 minutes of type-type-type... damn. Backspace-backspace... damn, too far. Type-type... damn, where did the cursor go? just to enter his e-mail address and password, and for all of that frustration the thing wasn't even able to register.

Originally Posted by jmaloney View Post
Once you get it connected and registered, the update that B&N pushed out last night should resolve the slowness you're seeing currently.
I have been seeing discussions about this update, so I am hopeful that you are correct. If so, and while I believe the unit should have shipped with this update, B&N has done well to get the update out quickly.

I'll post more once the dust has settled.
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