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Intīl mother looking for ereader

Hi, will iīm not actually the mother but the son xD...

To put you guys in perspective, we live in Spain and she reads 60% spanish books and 40% english books...

My mom wants to have a kindle really bad but iīm not soo sure its a good idea, basically because i do not know if the kindle store supports a good variety of spanish books...also she loves Time magazine and it seems if you live outside the US you wont get images(its not fundamental but it helps).

The thing is that the system for her has to be simple, she has her control on pcs but its ok not great. looks simple but as i said maybe only for english books.

Then there is the formats supported, which its seems is not very big.

I have my thoughts on the kindle and maybe a sony, what do you think is the best option for a mother?
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