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sorting ideas

just DLd calibre, so far i like it, but have a few issues..

1) the default sorting for the library files has each book behind several files, normally this isnt an issue, but ill get into that later. i tried to adjust this, but it doesnt seem to be making any changes.

2) there is NO support whatsoever for IMP format or IMP1200. the ONLY format i can use is IMP. so alone the program doesnt work for me.

i CAN convert RTF into IMP, BUT its a serious PITA if the files are spread over a huge tree in the library, i would be unable to bulk convert the RTF files, and have to search them out and convert individually. (with some 800 individual files, that aint happening.)

3) display, it would be nice to have the ability to see at a glance what formats are available for a given file, say a series of columns for each format, with checks indicating available formats.

4) bookshelves, my EBW librarian software allows multiple bookshelves, so i can have different types of files (personal, fiction, adventure, reference, etc) in their own individual bookshelf, is there a way to do that in calibre? once i hit a few thousand files, a quicker sort would help..

anyway, i love the program so far, keep up the good work, i cant wait till its the only program i need for my EBW1150/REB1200
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