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Got myself the gift basket!

After several months of research and actual hands on (at least on the sonys!), I decided to go with the pocket pro as my first ereader! The expandable memory, more open formats, user replacable battery, the food bank donation and even the color choice were the biggest factors in my decision. Really wanted a 6 inch screen, but I'm finding I'm quite happy with the 5 inch one instead! The extra goodies in the basket were also very nice! My hubby loves Starbucks coffee.

So far very happy with the reader overall. Very easy to use. My 9 year old is now begging for one of her own. Unfortunately, most of the books she's reading right now haven't been converted to ebooks. Haven't seen any Magic Treehouse, Junie B. or Goosebumps ebooks around yet.

Got a question for you guys, I was wondering if there was any way to read the free books I downloaded from the Sony store on the pocket pro? I'm not the most tech savy person and couldn't get them to load on my sd card, let alone my new reader. Not sure what I was doing wrong. The other books I picked up off feedbooks transfered just fine. Looking forward to reading some old classics again and few I never had time for!

I have a question for Robert. Was there was a mix up on the sd cards? My card has the halloween stories on it, not the Christmas ones! Not a big deal, just a surprise when I put the card in the reader.

Very happy Astak decided to go with the gift basket for the holidays! Thanks
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