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(Note to admins and mods, I bumped this cause I didn't want to start a topic too similar, forgive me.)

One of the primary reasons I had gotten the nook is for starting my Ebook collection, but at the same time, become familiar with the minor Android functionality.

Now, I'm pretty much ready to explain why I chose the nook instead of the devices already in easy reach of me. (PRS-300, PRS-600)

Sorry if these come off as biased...

Why I did not get the 300:

When I lurked these boards, the Sony reader forums always caught my attention. Unfortunately half of that attention was taken up by issues people have had with their 300's. While I've used a demo unit of the 300, the overall firmware performance seems really off.

Why I did not get a PRS 600:

Just like the 300, I've heard about clarity issues as well as firmware integrity flaws.

Why I did not get the Kindle:

The first Kindle had expandable memory, but some issues with usability. While the K2 added some advantage to the hardware, it lacked an SD card slot, taking simple convenience away. THe DX is rediculous cause I'd rather have a 6" device instead of a huge ceiling tile with a screen...
Yet again I post this on an outdated topic cause I didn't want to make a "duplicate" topic.
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