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HELP!!!!!!! Needing PRS-505 Repair

Ok, here's my problem and it is foolish but does ANYONE do repairs on these things like does for pda's and phones and psp's?? I need to get a repair on a prs-505 that my wife accidentally dropped in the washing machine with a load of clothes? We pulled it out before the cycle really got going but it was flooded. I stuck it in rice right away and waited a few days before I tried to charge or turn it on. Now, it takes charge and battery says it's onj but I can't get a reboot so that we can read the screen or reset the system. I've done both a hard and soft reset with no luck. Just horizontal stripes in the screen that I can't clear. Can anyone help me repair this thing? It's a bit expensive to just write off if there's another option. Warranty doesn't cover this and we didn't get the SquareTrade warranty in time. Sony will just make me buy the new 600 which is the same as the 505 with a touch screen addition.
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