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Originally Posted by Heather
Don't get me wrong, though--I love the iLiad (and hate Sony's "squeeze the consumer til they are bled dry" profit model even more). I love everything about the iLiad except all the bugs and hardware issues and the cost.

Back on point: I think an extended warranty option is a must, especially if they want anyone to buy the most expensive ebook reader on the market....twice the price of its competitor....otherwise new buyers will go with Sony and figure that even if it dies they can afford to buy another one and still be ahead of the game.
Hi Heather,

This are my thoughts exactly, and why I'm still interested in Iliad, but my patience is also running out and I will be forced to by Sony or wait until they sort out their problems.

Originally Posted by Heather
It's my understanding (from reading other posts of people with similar issues) that the mystery lines are actually a known hardware issue and the iLiad will need to be replaced.
As you have probably seen in the iRex forum (, they direct you to their tech service, but they do not want to give any information regarding the nature of this defects. In my opinion it's a production related problem, but they will never admit to this, because under EU they are obligated to cover this costs even after warranty (I'm not absolutely sure about this though!), and the darkening of screen problem maybe the same issue.

Originally Posted by Heather
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