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Originally Posted by Adam B.
I'm curious if mobipocket is going to take advantage of the content lister's ability to display images.
Hope so. Having cover art was one of the little things that made ebooks feel "more real" to me when I was still adjusting to the loss of the tactile pleasure of turning pages while reading. I made a point of (re)building any of my RocketBooks lacking such.

With the books I create, I always setup a manifest file with an image of the book's cover. It adds a nice touch that makes me not miss the dead tree version.
Yep...once you have enough books loaded, seeing all those covers starts to approximate the joy of browsing ones real world bookshelf for a new book. It's a pity there doesn't appear to be a way to adjust the number of books appearing per-screen in the browser. Personally, I prefer seeing a more crowded "book shelf" :-)
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