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Originally Posted by ashkulz
Also, you can read PDFs on your ebook using PDFRead -- I created the tool for the very same reason, reading PDFs on my 1100 (see mobileread thread). I personally am going to wait till eInk becomes more widespread with falling prices and greater reliability.

I would suggest that you try the above ideas and see if they suit you. If it ain't broke, don't fix it
Thanks! I Tried PDFRead last night, and while it converted a document just fine, when I tried to open it useing ..oh gosh now that I'm at work I forgot the name, it's somethingPublisher (so I can import it into my REB1200) the file would not open. But the PDF conversion seemed to work ok. I just don't know how to test it before I go that direction.

So, what program then, after useing PDFRead should I use to import into the book?

Thanks for the info so far! Great thing about the old Gemstar (it's the eBookWise ETI-1 or whatever it's called) is the backlite... pitty that won't work with eInk.
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