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Help choosing new ebook device

Hello all. Totally new and glad to have found the site!

So here is the issue. I have owned a Gemstar REB for about 5 years now. I absolutely love it. The quality of the screen is amazing, and with the 1 gig card I have in it, I have a ton of titles.

The problem of course here is two fold:

1: Gemstar is out of business. No more books. *sigh*

2: I want to get a new ebook, but I need similar features. My biggest priorities are a good, readable screen, and most important of all, it MUST be backlit. This is to allow me to read at night after wifey has gone to bed.

So the question is, of the current ebooks out there, what ones are large screen, backlit, and come from a quality company.

Look wise, I am totally taken by the Hanlin eReader, but I canít tell from what Iíve read if it is back lit or not.

Also, having the capability to read PDF is another very high on my list. There are certain titles I have that are public domain so I can update them to an ebook that excepts TXT or PDF, but more importantly a few of our favorite authors (ok 1 in particular) has all her books on PDF format.

So please advice away! And glad to be here.

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