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Feature Request - replace "screensavers" with randomly selected book covers from libr

First, thanks for all the hard work on Calibre. I absolutely love it and will be making a donation shortly now that the latest version is out and so many of my crashing issues just up and disappeared.

I was browsing the various tickets and saw that towards the top of the list was a means to automatically delete headers and footers when converting from pdf. This made me extremely happy and was number one on my list of requests. So many of the pdfs I convert were made by random free pdf creators, and they almost all have these ridiculous headers that get converted on each page (e.g. two large yellow blazons with text, or the c:\filename header or the "this pdf was created with blah blah freepdf creator), and it makes reading the resulting mobi file less then enjoyable sometimes.

Three cheers for this feature!

I just closed my kindle and one of the "screen savers" I hate popped up. No big deal really, but why should I have to look at Jane Austen when I'm a scifi and fantasy reader? I was thinking that you could add a feature in Calibre that would either allow me to select certain book covers from my library to be placed in the Kindle screen saver folder, or randomly select say 20 covers to replace those that came with the Kindle.

That is certainly not a high priority feature, and I'm not sure how many other e-book readers other than the DX even have "covers" like this, but it would be a fun feature that would make me very happy.

Keep up the good work.

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