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Unhappy Weird formatting.

I have a Sony prs-505, intel iMac and always the latest version of Calibre (thank you for this)

The problem I have is this. When I import a book from my hard drive onto my book, I edit the metadata so it is right. I make sure the title and author are right, I make sure it has the series filled in, if appropriate so it goes into the right collection and it looks fine in the library screen.
I have found, due to display truncation on the reader that I don't always see the title in full so I put (01), (02) etc in the title to make sure I read them in the right order (I don't trust the reader to put them in the collection in the right order any more, I've been let down before)

What happens is this. When I move it over to my reader (whether converting or not) it changes the title, the author, anything it chooses, back to the file name from the original source, and all my hard work is undone.
I then try redoing it on the reader screen, and it all looks good again. I resync it and it all goes awry again. The changes don't save.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? I have been using this software for almost a year now and wasn't aware that I was blessed with so much patience, but I am running out.

My source files are not necessarily purchased books, so the titles come from the original...donor, shall we say.

Do I need to doctor the file names before I put them into my Calibre Library?

This is how it looks on the reader screen

A_Night_in_the_Netherhells_(Ebenezum_03)_-_Craig_Shaw_Gardner_30 (Title)

Unknown (Author)

or sometimes -
Microsoft Word - Kinsella, Sophie - 01 - The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic.doc (Title)

my name (Author)
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