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formatting SmartMedia card in REB1100

I recently loaded a corrupt file into the 64MB SmartMedia card in my REB1100. When I booted up the REB, it would start reading the books on the card, but when it got to the corrupted book the REB would shut down automatically and reboot. It would continue to do this over and over until I told it to "cancel" reading the books on the card.

I plugged my card into a "ZiO!" USB reader and manually deleted the bad file, and it started giving me error messages about not being able to read all the files on the card. It also acted as though the card was full, not allowing me to load as many books into it asit could previously hold.

I reformatted it in FAT format, using the USB reader. When I plugged it back into the REB1100, I got a message saying the card was corrupted and needed to be fixed, and that fixing it could take several minutes (which it did). Now the REB recognizes that the card is there, and shows that it has 65,536K on the card (with 63,952K free), but I can't seem to load books onto it through the USB cable using Ebook Librarian, like I could before I loaded that last bad file (BTW, it was Project Gutenberg's "Aventures of Sherlock Holmes").

Is there a way to format the card using the REB itself, or is it more than likely shot?
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