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Unhappy I bricked my sony reader and need a fresh backup

1. My firmware was updated once by Sony's connect reader software. Maybe this is stupid and lead to bricked device?

2. In order to read Asian font I followed this post As I already updated my firmware, I used one come from this thread (which is a packed .zip file from a Korean site contains all scripts, commands and a backup file named mtd14).

3. After uploading the new firmware using command:
python pwrite "Fsk" opt.fs'
my device restart. Btw, this operation finished within 4-5 seconds. Is this common?

4. My device will always hang on "starting up..." window and never enter the main interface.

5. Finally I found topic "Recovering From Catastrophic Failure (Unbricking)" from wiki through
I tried ten times and it does show me "Updating firmware now...".

What should I do now from this point? The wiki says "Flash the device with a known good firmware image using " But where can I get such a good firmware image? It seems the one I got (in step 2) is not correct.

Any of you got a good firmware image that I can recover from? And what command should I type? probably python pwrite "Fsk" opt.fs?

Or I don't have any chance simply because I updated my firmware?
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