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Could you try a test for me please? Let's say I want to copy the following article for offline reading on the Reader:

I open IE7 or firefox and scroll down to the 'How-To' section, highlight the paragraph and the image, select copy and paste this into BD. If I double click the image in BD the image pop up window appears with the file field contents in red suggesting no (local) file and the full hyperlink to the image, the src field also contains the url to the image.

If I now build the Sony Reader file the resulting lrf doesn't contain the embedded image (something like 7/8kb in size).

The following page works fine using this method: In this case the png files seemed to be downloaded locally and the lrf generation tool works fine.

Just want to make sure there isn't anything else strange about my config, if not potentially it may be down to the markup on the page and the contents of the clipboard when copying.

I'm using BD latest with Office 2007 on XP.

Thanks for your help

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