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No worries HistoryWes, you've already captured it except that single bowling phrase.

Just a note that a bouncer happens to be something that's aggressively bowled "at the batsman" rather than "at the wicket" (a bouncer typically is meant to be throat-height or above by the time it reaches the batsman), so another type of delivery might be better used as a description if you wish to preserve "at the wicket" wording. Actually a yorker is also bowled "at the batsman" since it's meant to be right down at his toes (yorker is a common cricket term, so it's not particularly place-specific even if it may have originated from there).

Perhaps the main sticking point is just the "at the wicket" part, where "at the batsman" or "down the wicket" would be more commonly used. I would suggest that something like "..the bowler sent a beautiful bouncer down the wicket" would work better. The rest sounds alright!

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