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Originally Posted by Valloric View Post
I've been meaning to add new entries to the FAQ relating to the regex and wildcard search engines, but I just can't find the time.
Hey, don't sweat it . You're doing a great job!

Here is the documentation for the QRegExp class used internally in Sigil. It documents these engines quite nicely.
Hey thanks, that'll sure be helpful!
An important note I spotted (for those wanting to dabble in regexp search, too), is that DOTALL is always true:
Matches any character (including newline).
To get the normal dot-behaviour use
instead of '.'.

I can see a <div> ending with the last chapter. Maybe it has some different styles applied? Have you also looked at how does the original calibre-produced epub look like in ADE?

This is probably related to the specific CSS styles you have in the document.
Sharp eye, there! I don't have ADE but I tried Calibre's viewer and indeed there the text suddenly enlarges too. After removing the </div> (and it's opening <div>) the problem was solved. Sorry for having accused you for it!

It's quite probably related to a bug I fixed a few days ago. The fix will be in 0.1.6, which will be out soon.

Originally Posted by Valloric View Post
You are using non-greedy matching applied to specific quantifiers. Those aren't supported by QRegExp. To achieve a similar effect, set the "Minimal matching" option in the F&R dialog.
Thanks for the hint! I'll look at the docs! Luckily, this expression isn't depending on it.. just a leftover from trying to find the right one.

Originally Posted by Valloric View Post
... and the group reference is not "$#", but "\#".
Thanks, yet again. Haven't got to the point of trying to replace yet, but you're saving me a headache there .

I'm confident I'll get trough my first book quite satisfactory!

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