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Chauncey began at the beginning.
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Links in eBook Publisher

could someone explain why this link does not work?

<DIV ALIGN="center">


<P><a href="introduction.html#contents">Contents</a></P>
<P>    Foreword by Bernard Cornwell</P>
<P>    Introduction</P>
<P>    Chronology</P>
<P><b><a name="contents">  Part 1: 1805-1807</a><br> The Rise of the Emperor </b></P>
<P>  Background to war - A temporary peace</P>
<P>  Warring sides - The armies prepare</P>
<P>  The fighting From Ulm to the<BR> Treaty of Tilsit</P>
<P>  Portrait of a soldier<br> - Lannes. Marshal of France</P>
<P>  Portrait of a musician at war<br> - Philippe-Rene Girault</P>
the reader is an eti 2. Now I am pretty sure i am going to slap my forehead and say I knew that, but rather then sit here and pound my head against a wall I am moving on to another part of the book hoping someone will have pity on me

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