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Originally Posted by Valloric View Post
Performance should be better compared to the previous release. But you're saying it's fast on Windows and slow on Mac OS X? Hm... weird.

Then again, I don't have a Mac to test/develop on. I develop on Win7 x64 with a Ubuntu box nearby. To build the Mac version I have to bug a friend to lend me his MacBook for an hour.

But what do you exactly mean by "delete"? Backspace/delete a character in Book View or Code View or are you referring to deleting whole passages? And have you tested it on the same book, the same text to delete and in the same place in the book on both OS's?

You'll need to provide more information.

I haven't gotten around to it yet. Sorry. Here, I'm marking it for 0.1.6.

It really is a rather simple and obvious thing to have, and it should have been added sooner.
Hey Valloric thanks for the reply. By delete I mean backspace. What I am trying to do is the book which I scanned is converted to HTML by the OCR software. I import this file in Sigil and then do some proofreading and some minor editing. Sometimes if paragraph is split while OCRing the jpeg I just type backspace / delete key to join them back in sigil. This use to take sometime in version 0.14 on mac. On windows XP it was way faster. On version 0.15 on mac it is very very slow. 5-7 secs is minimum and sometimes it is even slow. Moreover It looks most of the actions are slower in this version. When I try to open the TOC window earlier it use to be realtime and now it takes 3-4 sec.

Let me know if this helps.

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