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Bad Image Refresh and Settings after 2.3 update

After updating my Kindle 2 to 2.3 I went to browse though some of my picture folders. The first thing I noticed was that my settings had reverted (and the menu options for pictures is now much shorter) to defaults. So, I turned of dithering and enabled full screen. I left that picture directory and went to another one and my full screen was off so I went to turn it back on and the menu option was already set for full screen. I had to turn it off and back on again to get full screen. Irritating.

Worse yet is that when going between pictures it isn't refreshing the entire screen. It's messing up in sections (not the same areas each time either) and leaving sections of previous pictures showing. I never had a problem previously. So now I have to pull up the menu to refresh the image (alt+g doesn't work). It will sometimes go a couple pictures before it does this where it leaves sections of previous pictures. I'm curious if anyone else is running into this problem.

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