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stardict to pocketbook?

I have a magnificent french-french dictionary, available both in stardict
format and in mobipocket.

I tried to use stardict-editor in order to produce a tab-delimited file
that could be converted by the pocketbook dict converter.exe

However, the tab-delimited file still contained lots of markup like <small> and \n that was copied in the tab delimited file and also shows up in the .dic file produced by converter.exe. The resulting 40 MB .dic file is searchable, but it is not easy to read, as the entire structure of the entries is gone and the markup language is in the text.

I tried to use makedict -i stardict -o xdxf XMLittre.dict ,
but the dictionary contains pango markup language, that makedict cannot convert.

I was wondering whether there is someone who knows how to convert this nice dictionary into xdxf (as a basis for converter.exe), or into a correct tab-delimited file, or directly to the pocketbook format.
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