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Am I getting a refurbished Kindle when I ask for replacement for my bad one?

My DX screen was out of function on the 31st day. Lucky me. I could have returned it or brought the 2 year warranty if I had known the screen was so vulnerable. I was just reading in bed with both my hand holding it, but it just...

Anyway, I received the replacement the 2nd day after I called Amazon. I though it was a new one, but there is something weird I notice:

First, the box has a green dot next to SN label, and I saw rumors on the web that it is the only obvious different between a refurbished Kindle DX and a new one.

Second, the SN and ESN number on new Kindle are both smaller than my current one;

Third, the UPC code on box is 892685001195 and didn't match anything on Google, but my 1st Kindle DX box has a UPC number 892685001188 which is the retail number you can search at Google.

And last, the plastic part seems to have some scratch, though I'm not so sure about this.

So...Did I actually pay $100 more to use a new one for only 31 days and get a refurbished now?

PS. I know it's fine with a refurbished, but it just keeps annoying me that I paid more to get less...
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