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Borrowed ebooks from library and ...

I think have found something quite interesting, and I couldn't find where it had been mentioned here before. I had only 1 day left to finish reading "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown, and I had yet to start it. While in the Sony library I changed the date on my PC back a few days thru Win XP. I noticed that this changed the time I had left to read the e-book from 1 day to 6. I deleted the book off the 505 and put it back on from the Sony library and it now shows 6 days instead of 1 also. Whether it stops working tomorrow or not, I don't know. I tested by pushing the date forward on my system and all my library books showed expired and I was unable to open them. When I corrected to the right date, all the borrowed books were viewable again.

Windows XP, SP 3
Sony Library Software 3.0
Adobe Digital Editions
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