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Originally Posted by zelda_pinwheel View Post
hi fcoulter, welcome to the forum. if you only want to make mobipocket files, why not just use the mobipocket creator application ? it's available as a free download on the mobipocket site :

kindle can read drm-free mobipocket files.

of course, if you want to make both epub *and* mobipocket, you might be better making epub first, then converting it to mobipocket. be aware that mobipocket can't handle some advanced formatting you can do in epub.
My problem with mobicreator is that it really is just a processing program for externally created content. If I want to edit the content, I have to go back to the original source files and edit them.

From what I can tell, Sigil lets me edit the document from within Sigil. This seems far more convienient. Of course, not having used Sigil, it may be less useful than I think it is.

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