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Converting PD Books to Kindle Help

Hey all,
I am new to the forum. I LOVE it here.

I was scanning the free or nearly free book lists for the Kindle via amazon. I am an academic in a liberal arts field. I was noticing that there are few Public Domain books available for the Kindle via Amazon.

I was thinking about reformatting some PD content for the Kindle and then making it available for free or nearly free via amazon. This is no "get rich quick" greedy move. I imagine the texts I format would bring little customers and probably not make enough to cover my time.

I have not converted a book to Kindle. I am wondering if someone has or can point me to a resource for this. Particularly the very basics: making the texts linkable etc.

I have researched PD usage for courses I teach as I have of used etexts to save students some cash, but I am wondering what the laws are for reformatting for sale if anyone has experience with this I would appreciate it.

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