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Long, long time...

Well, things finally seem to be calming down a bit for me... So I'm back here. It really didn't seem like almost a year, but it's been around 11 months since I was last really active. I feel kinda bad about that, actually...

The past year has really been confusing and hectic - school becoming more complex and busy, actually ending up with some pretty nice friends... But I'm finally settling into a sort of routine, so I think I'll be back here quite a bit more. Some of what's been keeping me away include friends, a girlfriend, school work (almost done high school), university applications/acceptances (Waterloo software engineering, if anyone's curious), and the more usual life complexities...

I haven't really been keeping up with the news as well as I should, overall, particularly when it comes to mobile devices - if anyone feels like giving me a recap of the last (about) year and a half, that'd be pretty nice...

Sorry, Alex, for just disappearing there for quite some time, by the way.

So I'm just posting this to, I suppose, reintroduce myself after a long absence. If anyone has any questions, anything... Please ask. I will really try to be quite a bit more active, though. I mean, after 11 months I can't do any worse, at least...
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