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Oops! bookratt, you are so totally right--the free download is "Hotter after Midnight." According to the author's website it's the 1st in the Midnight series. Next is "Midnight Sins" and then "Midnight's Master." Apparently the next 2 books faired so well, they decided to re-issue the first book as a mass market paperback. Nice touch to release the e-version of it for free at the same time!

Hey, if anyone spots this book as free from B&N, please spill the beans! I'd love to have this in PDF or ePUB format. (As of 2:44 am EST on Nov. 23 in the US, there's been no notice yet and indeed, Barnes and Noble is still *gasp!* selling this ebook.)

I don't really like the interface for PC for Kindle or the Sony elibrary thing. But since I'm a sucker for a paranormal romance, I downloaded "Hotter After Midnight" for both Kindle and Sony--I'll read them that way if need be. But I'd prefer using eReader for PDB or ADE for ePUB. Much nice software applications for PC if you ask me.... which is how I still read my ebooks as I'm waiting for a lower priced ereader device. (And waiting, and waiting, and waiting...)
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