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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
Those folders are hidden by default in Windows XP ( I don't do Vista , But it should be similar. with the UAC stuff asking for permission)

In Windows Explorer:
Tools | Folder options
On the View Tab "Hidden files and Folders: [Mark] Show...

BTW those folders and files are what results from a damaged "File Structure" that has been fixed. They are the pieces that were found when some file operation went bad.

BTW Calibre was Blue screening when I tried to send a bunch of books to my PEz. Checking the disk for errors created a bunch of those files and fixed the BSOD problem.
Is it okay to erased those ghost files then?

Some of my ebooks files were damage when I have it transfer on my PPro, it wont open. It's says file damage. Is that the file structure that went bad and been fixed? And when I hook up my EZ reader PP it ask me if I want to scan it and it found something error and fixed it. Those damage files that wont opened on my PPro, I already erased. So if I erase those ghost files will the bad stuff came back again? Or not since I got rin with the damaged file that wont open. I'll try what you suggest here tools, folder option etc. See what will happened.

I'm not a tech person, so I don't understand what you're saying about BSOD. How do I check the disk error? Or did I already did it? Sorry... :-\

I know what they said about Vista but as for now, I'm stuck with this OS. :-\
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