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Limited Time Free Kindle / Sony ebook "Hotter After Midnight"

Author Cynthia Eden stated today (Nov. 21) on her blog that her book "Hotter Than Midnight" is being offered for FREE at Amazon from today through Nov. 23. Just be warned: there are 2 Kindle issues of this ebook since there were originally 2 releases of it in paperback form, and only 1 of them is free. Or, you can use this link to go directly to the free Kindle version at Amazon, which is:

(It's also offered as a free Sony ebook through Nov. 23, well. For those who prefer other ebook formats, it's supposed to be free soon for download at Barnes & Noble, but no date yet.)

"Hotter Than Midnight" is originally a paperback published via Kensington Books's Brava imprint, which specializes in "erotic romance." (Just so you know.)

From reviews & descriptions, the book is a combination of paranormal romance (involving a closet were-wolf and a human empath) and romantic suspense (the were-wolf is a police detective on a serial killer murder investigation).

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