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And it works! Downloading at 1Mbps wirelessly with no WiFi in sight is very nice .

Here's how you can make it work (provided that you have a Vodafone Smartmodem - it can probably be adapter for other devices too).

1. Get the attached file and unzip it to your SD or MMC card (it has hardcoded paths to /media/card/ , so if you want to use a compact flash card make sure you change all references from /media/card to /media/cf).

2. Open a SSH session or start the mrxvt terminal and issue the following commands (my comments start with #, ignore them when you type)

cd /media/card/ppp/

# this is needed for the huaweiAktBbo application to find the libusb library
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/media/card/ppp/

insmod ./usbserial.o
insmod ./slhc.o
insmod ./ppp_generic.o
insmod ./ppp_async.o
insmod ./ppp_deflate.o
insmod ./bsd_comp.o

# this one is probably not needed but what the heck ...
insmod ./ppp_synctty.o

# connect the modem to the device if you haven't done so already
# some mumbo jumbo in Slovak will be displayed - this is some code I found on the Internet and recompiled for the iLiad. It makes the modem switch from "USB storage" mode to "modem" mode (the modem also contains an USB storage part with the Windows drivers and Linux normally detects only that part, not the modem).

# and now the final step
sbin/pppd file vodafone


After the connection is established, you can do "route del default; route add default dev ppp0" and go on the Net through your new wireless connection . The usbserial module has been recompiled to allow for higher speeds (the "maxSize" patch). I've managed to download at around 1Mbps with it.

Obviously, if you're not in Romania you would need to change the "vodafone" file that contains the username/password to access the internet APN and the "" file that contains the name of the APN to use.

If someone feels like packaging this nicely for general use, go right ahead! I would try to do this myself but I have a very busy week ahead of me so it will probably take me a while.

Anyway, have fun! I can't wait to test web browsing on the go in the bus .

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