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DriveCrypt OS

SecurStar is proud to announce, that “DriveCrypt 4.1 – OS (open source)” is released.

With our strong connections with the freeware programs Scramdisk and E4M our programmers have a tradition of open source sorfware.
With these products, thousands of people all over the world CAN verify the software security and review how the encryption functions.

By releasing the sourcecodes of DriveCrypt 4.1-OS security experts all over the world can now review the encryption routines and check if there are any security vulnerabilities in the program; this will give SecurStar the chance to correct those problems offering to our customers the maximum on security they deserve.

DriveCrypt 4.1 OS is derived from DriveCrypt 4.1, with certain features removed, which do not compromise the security of the rich set of features still offered in DriveCrypt 4.1. DriveCrypt 4.1 OS is a
fully functioning encryption package in its own right, with the best of the DriveCrypt features retained.

Of course both version of the software are fully compatible to each other so that you can switch between them at will.
How to download the software:

If you are a SecurStar customer, and have a valid DriveCrypt customer support and upgrade service in place, press on the "download" button on this page and get DriveCrypt 4.1 - OS together with its sources. (Note: To login in the download section you should use your customer private are login/password, not the forum password)
Good to see this nice software is opensource now.
But you need to be a paying DriveCrypt closed source customer before you can download the opensource version.
Strickly speaking it's opensource because they give the sourcecode.
But making it a payed only download they limit checking by the community.

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