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Large PDF ebook reader, should I wait or should I go for kindle dx ?

Hey guys,

I am a fan of ebook, I have discarded paper books for a year now.

I have owned a bebook (which fell and broke, although it was firmly set in its padded leather cover), so I got a Cybook Gen3 to replace it. I use it every day while commuting to work.

I also have an iliad book edition (so no wifi).

Primary use, read books (any format, anyway calibre will rule them all) that I get on the web.

Secondary use, read large size pdf (magazines or Role Playing Games).

I do not care about wifi, and I do not care about touchscreen (I never use it on my iliad, but you cannot get an iliad without a touchscreen anyway). The DX would mostly be used at home. I have also no interest in amazon online purchase services.

I have checked what is available now (the kindle dx) and what should be available in the near future (hanlin v9, QUE reader/plastik logic, sony daily edition and iliad 800).

The later two are of no interest to me. Sony looks too small and I am not that convinced by the Iliad...

So living in Switzerland, (no way to get the dx from amazon, since they do not deliver it), I found an online shop that can send it to me for about 577$ .
I will have to add more or less 7.6% tax + various customs tax (total 10-15%). So let's say I can get the kindle for 700$ (cheaper than what I paid for the iliad by the way).

Is it worth it for my planned use ?
Should I wait for something else ?

I have concerns about DX issues (mostly that the screen is fragile, and the rotating screen too sensitive). I am not bothered by the lacking of comprehensive sorting for books, I upload them one by one anyway...

What do you think ?

I know that a lot of new reader should arrive early in 2010, but most of them have touchscreen, for which I have not interest at all, and should the DX fit the bill, why wait ? Unless a price cut can be foreseen (due to probable heavy competition).

Any feedback is appreciated !

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