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WoW, more replies! Thanks everyone!

So, it's not that big difference, I'd just have to scroll more often, right? And what's that funny area under the screen in Tungstens Ex? Is it something like touchpad in laptops?

And Sony... Even if I manage to see it live, I won't probably be able to afford it =] But hey, trying it in shop isn't that bad :P I'll have to have someone with my Fuji to take photos of me owning e-Ink reader :P

Well, I was looking at eBookWise, since it was in my price range... Anyone knows why they don't sell them outside US & Canada?

And how long can you read on your Nokia 770? It's got quite bad reviews, according to Wikipedia. What's your opinion? It's about 100$ cheaper than N800, which is 770's successor (and is said to address issues in 770).

Which border? East or west (because those are two different worlds I'd say). If you're living in Germany, you still probably have more access to modern technologies than we here.

And if Sony was priced at 390 zl (Zloty) instead of $... I'd get it probably :P Unfortunately, it's about 3 zl == 1$... Which isn't good ratio for me :/

And, you know, most PDFs are A4 formatted. But, in the worst case, I'd just convert them to RTFs or something like that.

I've seen only one Cassiopeia (that's a hard name!) A20 on auction, but for 300 Zlotys - that's a bit too much for an used old Palm I think. I've seen iPAQ COMPAQ on auctions for about 118$ (that's iPAQ 3835) - worth the price? Or for 72$ iPAQ 3870 (but it's looking like really hard used :/). For 22$ I can get Palm Vx (but it's 160x160, and without charger). For about 72$ there is Sony CLIE PEG-N610 (it's 320x320, 64K colors, TFT screen). Cassiopeia E-125 is going for 110$... There are also some HP Jornada palms going around for various prices... God, there are too many of them for me to choose from :/ Help me, please!

eBookWise may be a smart choice, yet I've got those problems I've talked about (I'm not sure about Polish font support and it's said to be illegal to ship it outside North America).

How bad for eyes are palms? Is it only because the font is kind small/the screen is small? Or anything else I should be aware of?
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