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Question Request for eReader sub-forum

I could've sworn this was already requested, but I can't find it. To be clear, I'm referring to the eReader format, which is a derivative of the old Peanut Press PDB files.

While I agree that the eReader format is "old," it is still seeing an awful lot of action lately. It's become the primary format for Barnes&Noble (after buying Fictionwise), and is supported by nearly all LCD devices: Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone (3 separate apps!), Mac, Windows, Android, WinMobile....did I miss any? Oh, and the Nook will support it as well, and I hear the Fox reader will also include it in a future update. Calibre also now works with this format.

Currently, there are eReader posts all over the "Other Formats" subforum. It's a mess to find them since I have to use search. Since it appears this format is sticking around and support for it is actually growing, could we please have a separate sub-forum for it? I think it deserves it.

Admittedly, it's my favorite format. It's the only DRM that doesn't thoroughly tick me off, and it's easy to create non-drm content (ePub is tad overly complex right now).

Ah yes, and let me close this by saying thanks for this site! I've been hanging around since iSilo was big!

- Jim
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